Navigating from the Gap  

Workshop: Gabriele Reuter

11th October | 14h – 16h 

At Estúdios Vítor Cordon(Chiado)

“Where you are when you don't know where you are is one of the most precious spots offered by improvisation. It is a place from which more directions are possible than anywhere else. I call this place The Gap.” Nancy Stark Smith, ContactQuarterly 1987

This is a workshop for anyone interested to practice making sense of the unknown. It explores how to navigate your perception and ability to connect when you find yourself in the gap. It draws from the field of compositional improvisation and conscious body practices, which embrace the notion of not knowing as a gift. A series of simple movement exercises guide us into practicing presence by connecting into the body and opening space for choice in each moment. We work on our own and in the group, processing our experiences through writing, drawing and listening to each other. In a last step we map out visible translations into everyday live, that navigate our individual gaps and how we revolve around presence. For this workshop, you do not need experience in dance improvisation or embodiment work, but a wish to explore translation processes from inside to outside. Either for yourself, or to give guidance to others within your own teaching. 

Gabriele Reuter

© Katja Strempel

Gabriele Reuter is a choreographer, dancer and urbanist. She works at the interface of choreography and urban research, drawing strongly from her practice of improvisation. Her choreographic works, audio walks and sound installations been shown at various international festivals. As an educator and perfomer, Gabriele facilitates movement in a variety of contexts. She has performed Open Score dance improvisation intensively with many international artists in the field.Gabriele also facilitates processes in the field of urban planning and participation.