The inside of the out (of sight)   

Workshop: Olga Mesa and João Fiadeiro

10th October | 14h – 17.45h 

At Estúdios Vítor Cordon(Chiado)

Olga Mesa and JoãoFiadeiro met almost 30 years ago, more precisely in 1993. Both were part of the new dance movements in their respective countries, which appeared at the end ofthe 80s and became established in the 90s.  

As far as they know each other and the way they operate their questions and activate their ways of doing, they share the same restlessness and interest for the process (to the detriment of the product), the experience (to the detriment of the predictable) and doubt(to the detriment of certainty). They also share the fact that they emphasize, in their artistic explorations and investigations, the idea of the multiple and of surfaces in constant movement, which overlap and collide. In their works, they both search (and research) detailed, intimate and"expanded" fields of studies on the perception and the experience of the oblique. And finally they coincide in the deep conviction that the center is at the margin. That the body is an instrument of vulnerable visions and memories. That their presences project an "off-screen" image, intended to question space, time and their connections with the spectator - the presence of the other - beyond the visible.

This masterclass will work as a live meeting of two artist-researchers who respect and admire each other but who have never had the opportunity to work together. Their dialogues(half real, half fictionalized) will be written " in-situ " through the proposed practices and in complicity with the participants."

João Fiadeiro

He belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged in the late 1980s, giving rise to the NewPortuguese Dance. As an artist he stands at the crossroads of performance, dance, visual arts and theatre. As a researcher he stands at the intersections between practice and theory, art and science, and life and art. Between1990 and 2019 he directed Atelier RE.AL, a space and structure that hosted artist-researchers in residence and program transdisciplinary events in addition to producing and disseminating their creations. At the end of the 1990s, he started the systematization of Composition in Real Time, a theoretical-practical tool to support creation, decision and collaboration, which has led him to guide workshops in several national and international schools and universities.

Olga mesa

Choreographer and visual artist, Olga Mesa is one of the key figures in contemporary Spanish dance. Since the 1990s, her search for a personal and renewed writing of the body has led her to affirm the intimate part of representation, through a construction that combines expression and perception.In her international career, she proposes works of an experimental nature, deliberately on the fringes of dance, performance and visual arts.Her scenic pieces are essentially developed in thematic projects : The body trilogy « Res, non verba » (1996-1999), the cycle in five movements « More public, more private » (2001-2006) and the « labOfilm » project (2010- 2012).For the past ten years, she has been working with the out-of-format artistFrancisco Ruiz de Infante on the construction of the choreographic, plastic and audiovisual project « Carmen // Shakespeare» (2012-2022). Together, they direct the Hors // Champ // Fuera de Campo company, creating context and practices for the interdisciplinary arts.Olga Mesa also directs choreographic creation workshops and laboratories using the body as a narrative medium. In these contexts, she dialogues with processes of analysis and reflections linked to other arts : cinema, sound, visual arts and literature.She is currently working on a new solo piece : « A table of one’s own(hands dance)» and preparing a retrospective exhibition for the CGAC inSantiago de Compostela (2023).Based in Strasbourg since 2005, her company's scenic creations have been presented at various festivals and artistic institutions in France, Spain,Portugal, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, England,Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Mali...