Performance and Talk: Amélia Bentes e Vítor Garcia

12th October | 11:45 - 13:00

At Colégio Almada Negreiros, Campolide

Visible (AB/sence) aims to create a relationship between the various contributions in the creative, interpretive and research process, through the creation and presentation, in a mixed format between performance and communication in alternative spaces, of an artistic object.

The performance is entitled (IN)VISIBILITY.

It will be a physical study of the absence in the presence. Making visible something invisible is a great challenge for artists who transform their own bodies into subjects and objects of research. Creating interpretive vulnerability states to establish alterity connections with the audience. Questioning strategies and systematizing creation tools that enhance composition and interpretation processes in Dance.In the important role and characteristics of the relationships between creators and performers, the project will use and deepen the concepts of 'versatile body, 'available body', 'creator performer','research creator' and 'research teacher', concepts already consolidated incontemporary understanding of Dance.

Performance's Artistic Data 

Choreography: Amélia Bentes 
Researcher: Vítor Garcia  
performer: Ana Moreno Live soundtrack: NunoVeiga  Support: Centro de Artes de Marvila e Escola Superior de Dança 
Photos: Joaquim Leal   
Project promoted and financed by the PolytechnicInstitute of Lisbon. IDI&CA - Projetos de Investigação, Desenvolvimento, Inovação eCriação ArtísticaIPL/2021/ PCI-ICDI _ESD

Amélia Bentes

Choreographer, teacher, and performer since 1997. Two awards for best choreography by Guia dos Teatros, 2007. She has worked at Mary Fulkerson's Cia Dance Aliance, and Cia Clara Andermatt as an interpreter and choreographic assistant. Workshops: Alan Platel, Wim Wandekeybus, Steve Paxton, David Zambrano, among others. Graduated from the ESD - IPL, BA by the EuropeanDance Development Center NL, Master’s in Arts and communication from UNL, andTitle of Dance Specialist/IPL. Currently an associate teacher atESD.

Vítor Garcia

Professional training at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Dancers Training Course, among others. Degree in Dance.Dancer, ballet master, rehearsal director and teacher. Assistant to choreographers Jiri Kilian, Ohad Naharin, Amanda Miller, Clara Andermatt, Olga Roriz, among many others. Teacher and researcher at the ESD - IPL. Adami Interpretation Prize at Bagnolet Festival, 1994, and mention by Holland Dance Festival director, Samuel Wuerston, of “Unsurpassed Master of His Instrument”, 1998.