Presence and absence of representation in performance 

Renato Ferracini


Performativity, based on the materiality of the scene, intends to pierce the face of the so-called “theatrical” and promulgates an escape from the sign, from semantics, from fiction; but in this search, wouldn't you restore theatricality and representation in other possibilities? In the search for the oscillation and unmasking of representation as a semblance, wouldn't the performative, as materiality of the scene, generate another representation, another semblance in sensation and perception, but always a representation of an unrepresentable infinite in its entirety? This communication seeks to problematize these questions from the affirmation of the impossibility of the absence of representation in the materiality of the performance. To do so, it problematizes the concept of materiality and the real in the contemporary scene.


Doctor and actor-researcher at LUME - Interdisciplinary Center for Theater Research at UNICAMP where he works since 1993. He was President of ABRACE - Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Performing Arts and is a professor at the Post-Graduate Program in Performing Arts - UNICAMP. He has 7 published books and numerous articles and book chapters. He presented shows, workshops and lectures about his research and LUME investigations in many cities in Brazil and in 22 other different countries.