Theory and practice of reduction and residual 

Olga Martí


This is a research with many folds. It is what it is because it is created and developed through and by my own artistic practice, which is performative and inseparable from contemporary lifestyles and my own experiences. Thus, this study is inserted in a line of progression in art tending towards minimal actions and reduction, understood both here as speech acts, which try to generate cracks and to break with the inertia of temporality and the ways of doing which we do not want to collaborate with. At the same time, our work leads to the outline of a theoretical-practical framework for an ongoing Theory of Residual. A theory of residual, the fragment or collapse, is to delve into the minimal element that remains at the heart of the gesture of reduction. A theory of residual will lead us to consider the fragment not only as a trace of something that once was, but also as a transformative element or creative stimulus andas a symptom of the fragility of our ways of life.


Artist and Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She is a member of the Artea Research Group at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and a member of theLaboratory of Intermedia Creations at thePolytechnic University of Valencia. She holds a degree in Information Sciences and in FineArts, a Master’s degree and a PhD in FineArts from the UPV. She has collaborated in several research projects on performativity and live arts and carried out research stays at Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo and at MACBAStudy and Documentation Centre.